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      SoftFreud4U is a desktop application for MS Windows. It is build on top of .NET Framework 4 and uses Sql Server 2008  as a data storage.

SoftFreud4U PI Setup

This is the main setup file. Please download and install on your machine.
Download Setup

Sql Server Prerequisites

You need Sql Server 2008 installed on your machine to run SoftFreud4U PI. Please download one, that matches your machine, unzip to any folder and run SilentInstall.bat

 For x86 machine         For x64 machine

.NET Framework 4 Prerequisites

If you get a warning about .NET Framework 4 during product installation, please download and install

 .NET Framework 4

SoftFreud4U Data

The following file is a Complex Backup of an empty system. Select Data/Complex Restore/ and select

  Download Preset Data